Pok Pok

Pok Pok? What is it? Pok Pok is located in SE Portland and offers a rich taste of Southeast Asia. Its not every day that you can get a table as quick as I was able to at Pok Pok. On any given day Pok Pok is filled with a long waiting list, the place is fairly small but seats comfortably. 

The Environment

My dining experience left me sitting in the lower portion of the restaurant in a bar-esque setting. Its a little dark but sets the perfect tone for your dining experience–romantic or casual. 

The Food

Dinner and lunch menu seems to be the same. For my first dining experience I had ordered three dishes, the Pok Pok Special which included half a roasted game hen with a papaya salad, sticky rice, and a few of their dipping sauces, Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings, a thai chili, tamarind, fish sauce infused chicken wings, and our last dish, Khao Phat Muu, a fried rice dish with pork. It was under discretion by our waitress that the servings Pok Pok provided are family-style (if you’re not familiar, it is large portions made for sharing), however, I did not feel that it was the case when served. Quality over quantity though, Pok Pok’s unique menu of Southeast Cuisines offered a rich and inviting taste with every bite. My favorite dish of the three is hands-down the Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings–sounds weird, but the chili is so subtle that you are filled with an extraordinary taste and a kick of heat in the end. 

Recommendation? Try it out! Its a great place to get a taste of Thai for those who’ve been meaning to try it. Pok Pok is not only available in Portland, it is also located in NYC. Check it out! http://www.pokpokpdx.comImageIke’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings [thai chili, fish sauce, lime, and dried shrimp] and Khao Phat Muu [fried rice with pork]ImageThai Iced Team [spiced tea with evaporated milk]ImageSticky Rice [comes with the Pok Pok special]




Mother’s Bistro & Bar

Mother’s Bistro & Bar is located in the Southwest, Downtown Portland area. If you’re planning for a great dining experience and exceptionally great customer service, this is the place to be. I, myself, am not a huge fan of breakfast foods during the early mornings but Mother’s Bistro & Bar has by far surpassed my expectations on a fulfilling first meal. I had the opportunity to try their belgian waffle with apple cinnamon, a great and safe choice for all! Furthermore the frittata was amazing. It is a melt in your mouth type of bacon, egg, and potato good.

Apple Cider IMG_0012 IMG_0011 IMG_0010 IMG_0013

Mio Sushi on NW 23rd & Johnson

Welcome to the heart of the Alphabet District of Portland, OR. Located on NW 23rd are boutiques and places dine. Take your foot and start at Burnside St and make your way down NW 23rd to find extravagant eats and funky shops. Today I had the chance to dine again at Mio Sushi; now, you’re probably thinking “Mio Sushi is everywhere, why is he reviewing it?” Well Mio Sushi offers a different vibe compared to most sushi restaurants and tracks. It definitely has an upscale feeling and prices can be significantly higher than your average sushi track.

Cost: ~$10-15

What to get? At Mio Sushi the Mountain Sushi rolls are considered my favorites, they are each made specially for mountains across the globe, take a stab at Mt. Fuji! This particular roll is made with a baked spicy salmon, green onion, cucumber, sesame, avocados, and crab. The touch of the rich smoke flavor certainly will fill your tastebuds with delight. During this outing I decided to do something more personal. A bento box. I ordered the box with three different portions (spicy chicken, assorted tempura, and California rolls) and couldn’t be more overwhelmed with the amount given. It wasn’t the best sized portion but did feed at least two. You could say that the bento box is more than up to par compared to other Japanese cuisines. Venture out and try something new, I know I will next time!

Cheers and grub on!

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Salt & Straw @ NW 23rd Portland, Ore.

Located on the corner of NW 23rd and NW Kearney is a fantastic ice cream parlor called Salt & Straw. Such an extraordinary name for such an extraordinary ice cream shop. Ice cream lovers unite! One is not able to pass this place without pointing their nose towards the waffle makers and coffee brewers. Their blends of ice cream flavors are quite unique and pleasing to the buds and change according to the seasons. This summer, the most popular flavor at Salt & Straw was the Sea Salt Ice Cream with Caramel Ribbons (available all year). This excellent blend of smooth sea salt and cream base with swirls of bold caramel is the ultimate combination of sweet and salty. The flavor has the perfect pitch of sea salt and perfect punch of sweet caramel. This place is a must-visit and is recommended for all!

Cost: ~$

Plan ahead? Salt & Straw is jammed packed every night with exceptionally long lines, so make sure you have the patience! Day time bites will have lines but not as long.

Grub on!

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Looking for some fine dining? Sugar Factory is exceptionally good for drinks and desserts. It’s open 24/7 and ready for your 2am cravings. I believe there are a few along the strip but the one next to Paris Hotel & Casino offers a dine-in section and a full-sized candy shop. This time, I had the opportunity try one of their Goblets. Now if you’re a huge fan of sweet drinks, this is the one for you. Each goblet is filled with the special ingredient along with dry ice. My friends and I got the White Gummy–it was filled with gummy worms and a sweet gummy bear taste. The vapor from the drinks last about a good five minutes!

Cost? $$$, Sugar Factory is definitely a higher-end restaurant, and can be a little costly. Happy hour is the best time to go! From 4-7PM, you can get two goblets for the price of one! ($38 before taxes).


Dick’s Last Resort @ Excalibur Hotel & Casino

Are you in for a fun dining experience? Dick’s Last Resort at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino is the place to go! You’re in for a great day/night of fun. Don’t be insulted when the waiter is utterly rude to you, it’s their fun for you. Don’t hold back, yell at them when you need your food and drinks! They’re up for it and you should be too!

Cost: ~$15+

My dining experience was great! Good drinks and great food. My buddies and I got the “Big Ass Burger” “Brisket Sammich with pulled pork” “bucket of garlic Parmesan fries” “a pound of wings” and topped it off with “a daiquiri.” The fries were the best, I’m a huge fan of potatoes and I’ve always loved my fries at Buffalo Wild Wings but this has topped it. You’ll get the potato texture, yes real potatoes, with a light dash of garlic and Parmesan. The brisket Sammich is to die for, I would definitely come back time and time again for it. I’m not sure how the big ass sandwich was but I’m sure it was filling! Wings? Eh I could pass on it and get it elsewhere. The wings weren’t the best but they were delicious. I wouldn’t be a splurger on it if I had the choice again. The brisket sammich is a must try.


Grub on and get drunk!

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*photos will be posted later, I’m heading back to good ‘ole Oregon!

Earl of Sandwich

In the mood for a sandwich? Or just a hangover cure? Earl of Sandwich is probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve had. I’m not a big fan is Subway or Quiznos so to say the least I can be kind of a sandwich snob. During this outing I visited Earl of Sandwich at the Mile Mall next to Planet Hollywood. I got the Chipotle Chicken Avocado with a Broccoli & Cheddar soup. The chicken was grilled to perfection with a perfect balance of chipotle sauce topped with fresh avocados. For those of you that are a big fan of avocados, the Earl Club is something to rave about. It’s a classic sub with turkey and your sandwich essentials (tomatoes, lettuce, Swiss). The soup was alright, it was a little early to get a better feel for it but it was good.

*sorry for the duplicate post, I accidentally deleted the original on my phone.

Grub on!
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